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Thursday 20th July 2017

The Sociable Beer Company, in the heart of Worcester City, usually only opens its doors to the drinking public on Fridays from 4 to 10 pm, but made an exception on a Thursday evening in July to host 16 members from the Worcester branch of CAMRA. The two brewers, Jason and Steve, were on hand to provide information on the brewery, bar food, excellent ale and a generous helping of bonhomie. A very sociable evening was had by all.

Starting out as a small-scale venture in a farmyard shed in 2013 the brewers, with a little help from their friends, have since significantly upscaled their operation. After acquiring the city centre premises and having their gleaming custom-built kit manufactured in Slovenia, brewing began in early 2017. The new brewery was opened to the public soon after. Output capacity of the new plant is a little over 1,000 litres, and there are three regular beers produced, the aptly named Bash, Wingding and Shindig. Shindig is a smooth but well-hopped light golden session ale that comes in at 3.6%. Bash is a very refreshing full bodied golden ale at 4%, and Wingding is a hoppy pale ale at 4.2% with a strong Citra hops finish.

Talking with Jason and Steve it’s immediately apparent that these two are passionate about their beer, and have sunk a considerable amount of time, energy and funding into this venture. The choice of venue seems to work well, with the brewery being open regularly as a tap room once a week. There’s a reasonable amount of bar seating provided and even space between the kit for a band to play. While it’s still early days for this brewery, Jason and Steve clearly have plans in hand for the future, and look like they are on to a winner. If you are in Worcester on a Friday evening The Sociable Beer Company is well worth a visit. Details of the venue and beers on offer can be found on their website: The Sociable Beer Company

Socialable Beer Company

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