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Salopian Brewery Trip

Worcester CAMRA Worcester CAMRA would like to send a big thank you to the staff of Salopian brewery in Shrewsbury who hosted a visit from 16 of us on the 4th of March. Since our last visit to Salopian some years ago the brewery has moved to a new, larger site on the outskirts of the town which has enabled them to produce a lot more of their superb beer!

We were met by Wilf and Jake in their very well appointed bar and shop and treated to a range of beers which covered a full spectrum of tastes and colours.

Wilf then took us on a tour of the brewhouse and we discussed the different styles and ingredients which form their range of ales. They are also about to start bottling in house, a process currently subcontracted out.

Salopian’s products are very well respected and popular in the market as evidenced not only by the increased production but also by the huge number of awards on the walls of the brewery – extremely impressive.

After leaving the brewery we went on a crawl of some of the pubs of Shrewsbury of which there are a great range serving both local and national ales; the Salopian bar and the Loggerheads being highlights – all in all, another splendid day out for Worcester branch.

Once again many thanks to Salopian for their generosity and kindness – if you get a chance to try their beers (the Plough in Worcester often serves them for example) then I highly recommend you do so.

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